Pharma: AJAC provides products in 3 sectors. AJAC pharma provide high quality generic and branded pharmaceuticals.  We also provide wholesale quantities of OTC drugs and Vitamins.

Medical: We supply a wide range of medical consumables and medical equipment.

Chemical: AJAC can supply a wide range of chemicals for the Medical, Food, Oil and Gas sectors.

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AJAC distributes in the United Kingdom, Africa, Caribbean, South America and offers wholesale delivery worldwide.

After your request to open an account is approved, you will be able see our product lists and prices. You will then also be able to access our promotions.

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors. These include Charities, NGOs, Ministries of Health, private hospitals, Government hospitals, pharmacies, retail, healthcare, food, agricultural, oil and gas sectors.

We can be contacted via:


A wholesale account can be requested by:

Orders can be placed by email, telephone or by logging in to you your approved customer account.

We do not have a minimum order quantity. However, we advise customers to consider the cost that they will be required to pay for freight, relative to the value of the order being made.

We request payments to be made by electronic bank transfers.

We do not send out samples but can provide as much information as possible to you about the product to aid your decision making.

We do not accept returns on pharmaceuticals. We can accept returns on some medical supplies, provided we are notified with 24 hours of receipt and customers bear the cost of return.

In addition to the order costs, freight and packaging costs may apply.


Our turnaround time will depend on the status of our floor stock and the availability of the product in the market. For UK deliveries we aim for 2 business days. For international customers, our Account managers will assist you directly on your order’s delivery window.

For items which we keep in stock, these orders can be cancelled or modified. For orders that have been specially placed, these unfortunately cannot be cancelled or modified.

Our Account Managers can investigate arranging this for you.

We follow all the storage requirements set out by our products’ manufacturer and the principles of Good Distribution Practice.

Quality assurance/Compliance

We hold both the MHRA Wholesale Distributors Authorisation-WDA (H) and Good Distribution Compliance Certificate.

We carry extensive qualification checks on our suppliers. Through this we ensure that we deliver products of the highest quality and effectiveness to our customers.

We provide full documentation and manufacturing certifications for each product.

We comply with relevant data protection laws and regulations to keep your data secure.

All products should only be resold to authorised licence-holders.